headshotWe’re a full-service company, whether you’re renovating  your home to stay or sell. We  provide design, all materials  with complete contracting  capabilities and project management. And, do all finishing touches that transform a property into a home. Being a strategic partner to real estate brokerages to sell homes for top dollar has nurtured our ability to see every home’s potential. Thanks to this loyal referral base, we grew quickly. With over 800 homes under our belt and our ‘love or list’ experiences, we approach our business a little differently.

  • Accustomed to very tight timelines to transform homes
  • Stick to approved plans & budgets
  • Loyal & diverse contractor teams, master  trades at our fingertips
  • Ability to guide you on how to achieve a ‘signature’ style
  • Offer where to spend/save strategies
  • Deliver quality work to pass inspection  rigour
  • Have material volumes to deal with distributors, save you $$
  • Know-how to maximize your ROI when  ready to sell