Our creative director, lead contractor, master electrician, plumber… answer FAQs. This month‘s focus: Design Trends & Resale.

What’s best kitchen cabinet colour choice?

White cabinetries with a simple profile are ideal. They have timeless appeal and are most versatile – especially for resale . There’s many whites to choose from. Make sure to consider your backsplash and countertop. If these elements have a white background as many marble-like patterns do – match the ‘whites’ as closely as possible. Consider doing an island base in a dark wood-stain or dark gray to deliver a ‘wow’ factor’ with white perimeter cabinetries.

Countertops with very little pattern are key to keep your kitchen contemporary, timeless. Classic marble patterns available in quartz are always a good bet. By changing out handles, pendant lights, island chairs and the faucet, the timeless white kitchen can be transformed for years to come.

Should I use same paint colour for resale?

If your home delivers visual interest through upgraded trim work, architectural features or beautiful artwork/ décor – one colour will work. If not, it can present as lackluster in list photos. And, avoid white. It will read as a builders’ basic with low visual interest. In vacants, subtle changes of colour also help buyers navigate rooms in the online listing.

A good thumb rule is to run three neutral contemporary colours throughout. Also avoid beige, yellow, and dark colours in preparing to sell. Keep with light-toned colours. Even the once popular midtone taupy colours are now considered dated.

Always take floor tiles, carpet and counter colours into account. These are very directive elements and shouldn’t be ignored in choosing the colour palette.

Are new design trends here to stay?

Current trends have moved away from the popular ‘transitional’ style – understated elegance. Design is now bolder, expressing individuality in colour, materials, finishes.

Moody rich paint colours

Over time, this trend could become dated. Reserve for smaller spaces; a study, guest/or powder room. For larger spaces, introduce indigo, deep teal… via sofa upholstery, carpet pattern, art instead.


If remodeling a kitchen, adopt this style with care. Go retro with island stools, pendant lights, a single-hole coiled industrial faucet, open wood shelving. Forgo mix & match cabinetries and the apron sink, if planning to sell. Apron sinks -my personal favorite – don’t enjoy mass appeal. They’re difficult to change-out without countertop implications.

Navy kitchen

Navy kitchens and bath vanities are a huge trend –matched with gold handles/faucets. Unlike white cabinetries, it’s uncertain if they’ll stand the time test. A safe kitchen bet is to stay with white for perimeter cabinetries. Go navy on the island base! A blue-gray veined marble backsplash choice will tie in beautifully to the navy island.


This style of white-washed backdrops, sparse mid-century furnishings… is tough to perfect, even for the ‘pros’. It comes to life when accompanied by exposed brick, exotic woods, gallery art walls; or high ceilings with box trimmed walls – the ‘Parisian apartment’. In list photos, if a space is sizable, it can read as if the sellers have removed their belongings to their new home.