Part of service offerings are online home consults. We make these professional sessions available whether preparing your home for sale, or looking to renovate your kitchen or a bathroom. While it’s most ideal to assess your home onsite, online sessions are a good alternative in these cases:

  • Your property falls outside our geographic catchment area
  • Your work hours make it difficult to dedicate 2 to 3 hours for an in-home visit
  • You have a newborn or small children at home

How these consults work?

Preparing to sell? You send us pictures or a video of each room in your home. It’s important to capture all four walls in your main rooms.  We review your pictures, send you a room-per-room detailed ‘to do’ report and organize a follow-up telephone call or skype session with you.

Renovating your kitchen or bath section

You send us pictures or video of the space, with square foot measures. We send you a design preferences chart to fill out, so we can learn more about your style preferences, and budget range. This lets us make recommendations which suit your tastes and your budget parameters with where to ‘save/splurge’ strategies. We follow with three design inspiration boards with pictures/names of materials in each concept. From there we set up a phone call or skype session. Or book an appointment for an onsite construction assessment if you’d like a comprehensive renovation quote with timelines.

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