We do all the work: design, construct, renovate with an integrated team of 28-contractors, stylists & project manager.

We’re a complete renovation service – from design, all construction to the finishing elements. We offer a wide array of material choices – whether your style is classic, transitional or contemporary.

We take great care in putting our renovation proposals together. We detail all costs, our time line – start to finish – and present save/splurge ideas to help accommodate most every budget. We have a large, experienced team of renovators. We’re known for our on-time, on-budget sensibilities.

 When we work with you, we provide:

  •  Design, materials, colour palette presentations;
  • Build, project management & all trade oversight;
  • Materials’ ordering & pickups, a dump bin on wheels;
  • Experienced contractors, master trades for plumbing & electrical;
  • Quality work to pass inspection rigour;
  • Cleaning services when the renovation is complete.


 Our specialities:

  • Kitchens & baths – design/build
  • Lower level renovations
  • Flooring – all types
  • Painting with stipple ceiling removals
  • Fine carpentry, trim work
  • Lighting

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