We have a full complement of upgrading & staging services to offer, plus in-home consultations.

We take a business approach to staging and upgrading. Working as a strategic partner to large real estate brokerages gives us an inside view of what really sells homes. We tailor our approach based on market conditions and your home’s targeted list price range. We factor in its assets and any uncontrollable elements – a busy street, small lot size, unfinished basement – to offer direction on how best to maximize buyer appeal. We work closely with realtors to support their overall marketing strategy and list pricing – most critical in selling well. Our service includes an assessment of ‘if ‘and ‘where’ to make home improvements. We’re frequently contracted to assess homes which remain unsold despite several price reductions. A signal ‘product’ not ‘price’ is at issue. We’ve had great success in undertaking minimal upgrading investments to move 100s of these homes off-market quickly. This experience has been invaluable to our approach to showcasing homes.

  • One-stop shopping: full complement of staging & upgrading services
  • Home consults with market-ready plan – strategy, firm budget, timeline
  • Expertise on which upgrades have highest buyer appeal
  • Volumes to allow distributor-direct material pricing
  • Fast-turnaround: large team of experienced trades, service providers, stylists
  • Stage-on-the-spot sessions for next day list photos, when required
Hear from Clients

How buyers shop for homes:

Most buyers will view your home on-line and put it on their short-list before they set foot onto your property. In essence, they’re testing their hypothesis that this is ‘their home’ when they book a visitation – does your home live up to its on-line appeal, is it as spacious as it looks?

Buyers spend 16-hours on average shopping homes on-line, before they connect with a realtor. This places a tall order to ensure your home has list photo appeal on-line. The good news is most buyers make their decision to purchase quickly – often after 1 or 2 visits.

What buyers search for is ‘move-in ready’ elements. Can they buy themselves some time to replenish their finances and energy before upgrading; or do they need to undertake work immediately upon close?

Sellers often confuse move-in ready to mean going the whole nine yards with upgrades – this isn’t necessary unless pursuing a very aggressive pricing strategy. What online photos should showcase is that a home is in good condition, ideally delivering  flooring continuity, a neutral paint scheme, and kitchen and baths that look refreshed.


What’s my return on investment on upgrading?

The simple answer is strong and increasing every year.  If you invest in “the right” upgrades, your gross return is typically 3-fold your investment, so on average you net double your upgrade investment. Buyers of all ages, not just the younger set, are attracted to upgraded homes. And they’ll pay more to avoid the renovation-hassle. Even boomers, who’ve owned several homes and are renovation-competent are too busy with elder care, consulting businesses, cottages and/or travel plans to entertain buying and renovating another home.

Still, pricing your home right is the single most important factor in selling well, over and above upgrades. Buyers invest so much time shopping on-line, they are astute at recognizing an over-priced home, and often skip by them. Since serious buyers come forward at the start of a new listing, you may short-change yourself by driving them to competitive properties by pricing too high.


What’s my return on investment on staging?

If your home is in good condition, you definitely reap the rewards of staging to optimize its appeal. It drives more buyer visitations and helps protect again price reduction. To keep your costs down, we avoid or minimize furniture rentals, and focus on home accessorization. Unless a home is vacant or has spatial deficits requiring furniture definition to help buyers see how to use the space.

Avoiding furniture rental costs can save you 1000s of dollars, better directed to home upgrades or saved for your new home. Instead, we give homes their ‘wow’ by pairing down your furniture and upping its showmanship – especially primary rooms. Contemporary accessories, art, chic pillows, glass stemmed lamps, white hydrangeas…all comes into play. These elements deliver an aspirational message to buyers: “Whoever lives here lives well and we will too if we purchase this beautiful home.”