Staging & Upgrading to Sell


“Your technique was different and unique. I applaud you.”

You demonstrated much experience in the ratio of expenditure needed to sell our house based on list price and market conditions… At first, I was resistant to make our home a storefront. Your leadership, knowledge, energy and enthusiasm I believe is how our home sold so quickly in a multiple offer scenario.  My wife and I applaud the work you and your staff accomplished.

 Akira Matsui, Home seller

“The fact we sold our home is a direct result of you and your team”

Our home was for sale previously to no avail. I truly believe how you re-presented it to sell made the difference. We are so grateful to you… Everything happened so quickly. Your team sprang into action and went out of their way to ready our house, with such short notice. I hope you will work with us in our new home.

 Deborah Proudfoot, Home seller

“Clients have been awed with your approach and end result”

I’ve retained Diane Black & Associates’ services for several years, both in renovating and staging to sell.  The service is invaluable as a real estate agent. Homes have sold in competition within days…In certain cases, the initial home evaluation resulted in last-minute adjustments to increase list price as a direct result of your work to increase its appeal and showmanship. I consider Diane and her team an integral part of my team and service to my clients.

 Fran Garrett, Real Estate Sales Representative

 “My sellers need every advantage they can get. That’s Diane Black”

Anyone who doubts upgrading to sell has not met Diane and her team. Her trademark is the unique combination of technical know-how and interpersonal skills…. Her keen eye, project management skills, trusted client interaction and the results she delivers makes her a valued real estate partner.

Diane Desmarais, Sales Representative

 “You took an ok house and turned it into a 10++!”

As a full service provider, you had all the resources we needed to maximize the home’s salability. You brought sanity to what could easily have been chaos. The sellers loved you….  Especially when their home sold in less than 2 weeks – above list – in multiple offers. As a realtor, I was thrilled I could leave the project in your trusted hands.

 Kathy VanDriel, Sales Representative

“Our condo went from total disaster to ‘must-have chic’ in record time”

Within 2 days, the property sold for more than asking price. What more can I say, other than Diane Black & Associates…. The team worked their magic in 1-week, stayed on budget and delivered well beyond our expectations. It was a pleasure – start to finish.

 Emma Bond
“Thanks to your insights, advice our house found its buyers so quickly”

You knowledge was intertwined so gracefully with discretion and tact. …. I express all my gratitude for all your insight, commitment, energy. We will recommend your superb skills and services to all friends and family.

 Elizabeth Syzmanski & Family, Home sellers

Renovating Their Homes


“Diane’s goal is to make clients’ dreams come true”

A true professional who knows what she’s doing every time!!  She pursues projects as though each and every one were her own. She is a design/renovation pro with amazing attention to detail, ability to pull together a project big or small on-time with ultra-enthusiasm, great pride in work and dedication to total service. Our clients have been thrilled ever time. I recommend Diane and her team to anyone looking for a large or small-scale renovation.

 Jackie Peifer, Real Estate Sales Representative

“They provided us with a stunning new kitchen”

After struggling for years to determine whether we should renovate or relocate, we met this inspired team. With in-depth design expertise and experienced associates, they provided a complete transformation of our main level and in the process, exceeded all our expectations. Diane and Blair’s professionalism from meet and greet, to design concepts, and quotes confirmed we were great hands. Not only did they improve the appearance – but best of all – the usefulness of the space.  They honoured stringent timelines and budget obligations. Our home is quite simply beautiful!!

 Hector and Paula Burke , Home owners

“They delivered very high quality work, our house looked stunning”

We used Diane & her team to upgrade our property. They were expedient, accommodating, and creative in recommending upgrades. We had a tight timeline and budget. Diane was an excellent communicator, taking the time to understand our needs and proactively provide updates. She was hands-on, ensuring work was completed as promised. We highly recommend Diane and the team.

 Brenda & Kamal Sandu, Home owners

“I was impressed by the professionalism and ability to deliver on-time”

When I purchased my new home, I hired Diane, Blair & the team to renovate two bathrooms, and assist with the home’s interior design. They paid close attention to detail.  Not only did they meet my very tight timeframe, they were on budget!  I would highly recommend them and happily call them back in the future.

 Margaret Bailey, Home owner